93 minutes by Marta Garcia


93 minutes by Marta García

A person’s true beauty is reflected in their soul. If you feel good on the inside, you will shine on the outside. At 93 minutes by Marta García, after years of experience with our own exclusive technique, we discovered that by treating the body together with the mind and soul, through different personalized therapies for our clients, we reach a deep state of wellness for health. All this with our own line of cosmetics with high quality plant essences to enjoy a sensory experience. Each massage is unique, because each and every one of us is special.

Why 93 minutes by Marta García?

93 minutes
to achieve absolute
93 minutes
just for you
93 minutes
is the art
of massage

Exclusive services

93 minutes, our costumers have at their disposal a selection of exclusive high quality personalized treatments for their wellbeing